Proxy Policy

Unless the client is informed or instructs otherwise, all proxies that are voted on behalf of clients are voted in favor of the proposals and recommendations of the management of the companies held. FMS believes that an important ingredient of the investment process is an evaluation of management; therefore, if a condition arises wherein FMS would not be in concert with the recommendations of management, the security would most likely be sold in advance of any proxy vote. Benjamin A. Brown is responsible for monitoring corporate actions and ensuring that clients' proxies are voted in accordance with these policies.

Although it has never happened in the past and it is highly unlikely to happen in the future, it is theoretically possible that FMS may be called upon to vote a proxy in a situation that entails a conflict of interest. Such a condition could arise, for example, where Benjamin A. Brown has a business or personal relationship with the proponent of a proxy proposal or a candidate for a corporate directorship. In any such case, FMS will either contact clients for consent prior to casting a vote or will seek advice from and follow the recommendation of an independent third party on the issue.

Upon request, FMS will furnish clients with information on how their proxies have been voted. A copy of these proxy policies and procedures shall be set forth in FMS' Form ADV.

The information contained herein is designed to supplement and not substitute for the disclosure document FMS is required by law to provide to clients. Please carefully review these documents which are provided to all clients prior to engaging our services:

Form CRS
FMS Brochure (Part 2A of our Form ADV)

Please also note that FMS may provide investment advice in your state of residence only if it first files a notice or is exempted from filing a notice in that state. Nothing in this website should be construed as providing personalized investment advice in the absence of compliance with applicable state requirements.