Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do you expect to be working?

A: The short answer is "forever." When one is blessed with enjoying a "job" it becomes a passion. I can not imagine anything else I would rather be doing for the next 15-20 years than protecting our capital and seeking low-risk ways to make it grow.

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Q: What happens if you should become permanently disabled?

A: Should I unexpectedly become permanently disabled, my executors, Candy & Schonwald, LLP, as well as the regional representatives of Schwab would promptly contact all of my clients to provide a smooth transition to the adviser or other investment decision-maker of my clients' choice.

I have identified 4 independent investment advisory firms that have a very similar investment process to mine. My executors will determine how to best utilize these firms to manage my personal financial assets when the time comes that I am unable to do so.

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Q: How do I deposit funds to my Schwab account?

A: Make your check payable to Schwab Inc and put your account number on the check in the lower left front AND on the back of the check. It may be hand delivered to any domestic office of Schwab or mailed to:

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
P.O. Box 628290
Orlando, FL 32862-9906

Business reply envelopes are available for frequent depositors.

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Q: What should I do if I am unable to reach you and I need help or information with respect to my account?

A: While I am usually available via phone, fax, e-mail, etc. any time, any day, any where in the country, I do occasionally take my wife on a cruise out of the country. During these times it might be more difficult for me to respond as promptly as we both want. If there is a pressing matter with respect to your Schwab account you may phone 800.515.2157 and a representative of Schwab Signature Alliance will be happy to help you during normal business hours.

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Q: How can I look at my Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. account online?

A: Step 1 is to phone 800.515.2157 to obtain your ID and password from Schwab. After receiving the info (via e-mail), Step 2 is to click on the "Schwab" button on the main page of the Financial Management Services Web Site and follow instructions.

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The information contained herein is designed to supplement and not substitute for the disclosure document FMS is required by law to provide to clients. Please carefully review these documents which are provided to all clients prior to engaging our services:

Form CRS
FMS Brochure (Part 2A of our Form ADV)

Please also note that FMS may provide investment advice in your state of residence only if it first files a notice or is exempted from filing a notice in that state. Nothing in this website should be construed as providing personalized investment advice in the absence of compliance with applicable state requirements.